David Macchi


When in Rome, tour as the Romans tour


I am 51, born and raised in Rome. I studied in Rome at the University “La Sapienza”.

I spent almost five years of my life in London, England. When I came back to Rome I started to work as an officially licensed tour leader for Americans and Canadians and in 23 years I have led 228 tours mainly throughout Italy but also through Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Portugal, Marocco and Tunisia. As a Tour Leader I work for EF Educational Tours and Go Ahead Tours.

I have studied about Rome all my life, reading, visiting, discovering and in the last six years I have been working on my own big project: an encyclopedic guide book about Rome and its surroundings extremely detailed and facts-packed.

It was published on January 2011, it is written in Italian and you can read some of it by clicking on the cover here on the right...

There will be an expanded and improved version in English available only as an e-book from Amazon.com in 2017 and the title will be ROMAPEDIA.

You may want to check out now some of the MORE THAN 15,000 PICTURES that will be linked to ROMAPEDIA clicking here

Find out more about it checking out the ROMAPEDIA BLOG

More pictures of Rome I took are visible on my Flickr page

Stay tuned...

I am also a local officially licensed city guide for English speaking people in Rome and Vatican City and, as a proud Roman, I just LOVE my hometown and I love to be able to introduce my clients to this outstandingly beautiful and fascinating city.